Oil and Gas Services Capabilities across the full value chain of oil and gas activities from upstream to midstream to downstream. All aspects of the life cycle of a pipeline – from design and construction to commissioning and operation; All activities related to piping construction such us welding, painting, coating, hydro-testing… PROVIDING A HIGHLY QUALIFIED […]

Renewable Energy The entire life cycle from engineering, procurement, construction commissioning and start up than maintenance – Monitoring all the technical aspects of the project – Responsibility for anticipating potential problems that may arise during the project Propositions of appropriate solutions to limit negative impacts Pulse Energy offers a wide range of solar panels using […]

Engineering Find the most efficient and sustainable ways to operate • Project site Assessment • Review of Technology and Plant Design • Electrical Interconnection Review • Periodic Reports on Construction and Commissioning Manpower Sourcing We have the capability to mobilize teams of multi-skilled personnel for general maintenance, new construction, shutdowns, Pipeline, HSSE, coordinators, QC inspectors, […]